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Japanese Wood Block Prints

The Ukiyo-E, or woodblock print, was an art form created in the mid 17th century depicting the world of the rising, wealthy merchant class of Japan. Devoid of any political power, emphasis was placed on luxury, extravagant indulgences and pleasure. This culture became known as the "Floating World", where one existed as if in a dream. 

Artists captured the beauty of strolling courtesans, the vibrance of the Kabuki theater dramas, legends and heroes of the samurai and the peace and tranquility of the Japanese landscape. Many  of these images have been lost through time, war, fire, and earthquakes. The few that have survived represent a time of intrigue and passion, a time that truly was "just for the moment".

Our woodblock collection features works of art in three main contexts; historical (Musha-e), romantic (Shunage), and actors of theater (Kabuki).

Works by such masters as Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi, Kuniteru, Kunichika, Masanobu, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro, Toyokuni, Kunisada, Jacoulet, Saito, Hasui and Yoshida form the 18th - 20th Century, will be featured.

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