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Folk Paintings of Korea & China

Jinshan Chinese Peasant Painting "Festival" 

Featuring the works of Korean Master Painter Kim Man Hee and the Chinese village peasant paintings of Jinshan, this vibrant display of traditional folkloric studies is rich in diversity.

Folk painting is marked by the use of bold, brilliant colors to capture the simplicity of daily activities, festive events and common themes. The grand imagination of a child is employed for a heightened visual, naive effect in over forty examples.

In the early 1970's, the art of folk painting was revived in China's Jiangsu Province. Small village school were established, awakening a fiery longing for freedom of expression. Tempera paints on paper transformed pigmented chalk into scenes of joy, as the Cultural Revolution came to a close. This creative spirit flourished, with recognition from Europe, the United Sates and Japan.

Kim Man Hee was born in Korea in 1931. He obtained a graduate degree from Kyong Hui University and is the past president of the Traditional Art Association. He has authorized and published a twenty volume pictorial entitled "A Record of Korean Paintings" and is responsible for nine volumes of the "Korean Folkloric" books. Influenced by religion and art from China, his works reflect harmony and symbolism in nature.

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